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The people at Eko Shii-take select only the best Shii-take for you day in and day out. Eko Shii-take can cultivate Nameco, Shimeji and Coral mushroom in addition to Shii-take and mini Shii take.



mini Shii-take

Mini Shii-take


Coral mushroom





The best edible mushrooms since 1998

Eko Shii-take B.V. is located in Overloon, province of Brabant, and has a history of more than 20 years. Founder and owner Fer Aerts comes from a family where mushrooms were cultivated. A real family business where entrepreneurship has become part of the DNA.

What started with a few kilos of oyster mushrooms and a small amount of Shii-take is now a successful and growing cultivation company with 11 fulltime employees and a quality manager.

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Quality stands first

"Quality stands first at Eko Shii-take. What is picked with the utmost care in the morning, is on your plate a day later. We are known for delivering high quality and fresh products. Our characteristic mushroom is solid, fleshy and beautifully rounded!"
Fer Arts, owner

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